Sprouts Videos Are Here!!! First Up- Easy Guacamole!!

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October 6, 2015
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November 11, 2015

I am beyond excited for this next adventure for Sprouts Cooking School! This new project is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I was so fortunate to know great people who believed in Sprouts and who could help me take on this task. For that, I am just beyond grateful.

Sometimes I can’t believe that I started this dream of mine 9 months ago and that Sprouts officially launched just 5 short months ago. So much has changed and so many wonderful opportunities have come my way. I really have all of you to thank. THANK YOU and your kids for loving Sprouts! The in-person cooking classes at Sprouts have been absolutely wonderful. I adore cooking with your kiddos and helping them develop a love for cooking. But, I had many friends, family, and followers who tracked all of our events but they could not actually participate because they were all over the country. It’s for this very reason that I am so excited about Sprouts’ next adventure because, with this new platform, I am now going to be able to bring Sprouts recipes to Sprouting Chefs everywhere!

So, I know I’ve been teasing this for a little while now but the big project I have been working on is that I am going to be launching a video series for Sprouting Chefs, Moms, Dads, grandparents – literally ANYONE with a device. I will be posting the videos on YouTube, Facebook, and directly on my website at sproutscookingschool.com.

The recipes in the videos are simplistic in nature and geared towards helping your children learn to cook. Just like those I create at Sprouts Cooking School, I take recipes that adults would like and then tailor them around my own children to make them kid-approved and easy for kids to prepare themselves. The videos show my kids and how they really cook — they are messy, real, and raw. Oh, and they are short…think under a minute long! And the best part yet…the video recipes are completely FREE!!!

So, be sure to subscribe to our Sprouts Cooking School channel on YouTube, like us and share the video on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram for more updates!

It is my sincere hope that these videos inspire you and your kids to get in the kitchen cooking together and developing a lifelong love of cooking. I promise if your child watches the video, it will be more educational for them than when they watch someone unwrap a candy egg or a toy 5,000 times on repeat (or is it only my kids that are doing that?!?!). I have a lot of exciting holiday-themed videos planned for your littles, so be sure to stay tuned! Thanks again for all of your interest and support, and enjoy the videos! ☺

So without further ado, here is the very first of many videos.  In this one, the kiddos are making Easy Guacamole!  This is a great guacamole recipe for kids because it doesn’t have raw onions or garlic which a lot of recipes have.  Kids can be sensitive to and picky about those ingredients.  With just a few simple ingredients, you guessed it…you have Easy Guacamole!  Perfect to make as a family before Sunday Night Football, an after school snack…or just about any other time!  Enjoy!