Check us out! We got a makeover!

Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips
March 22, 2016
Mexican Restaurant Style White Queso Dip
May 3, 2016

Goodness, am I excited to share this new site with you! I started Sprouts Cooking School 10 months ago, and if you had told me then that we would grow so fast that we would need a website and then quickly outgrow that one, I never would have believed you! But that is most certainly what has happened. My first site was fantastic in that it streamlined the payment and registration process by providing me with e-commerce and it also gave me a direct way to communicate with everyone. However, I did not anticipate the reach Sprouts would have and I was quickly getting more emails per day than I could handle. My customers are extremely important to me so I try my very best to answer each and every email that comes in but there were days I was answering emails for 10-12 hours a day and I knew we were growing and you needed more from me.


This new website has been months in the making. I have worked with an incredible web designer and we have designed and customized every single page. I have put a lot of thought into your questions and tried to anticipate your future needs. My goal is that this site will better inform you about class postings while also acting as a fantastic resource for all things kids cooking.


I also went through all of my recipes and added images to each one that I had an image for. Let me just tell you, that was an eye opener. Photography is not my greatest strength but man have I grown. I cringe when I look at some of my first photos! But they are still there, because Sprouts is still growing and that is a part of my story and you know what?… I am extremely proud of that story. There are also lots of pictures of food prepared by kids. No, they don’t look perfect and they aren’t staged. They are real and messy and perfectly imperfect. That is what Sprouts is! We are making messes and having fun and LEARNING! I create these recipes so that they are attainable for kids to cook and it is my sincere hope that families use these recipes and get in the kitchen and cook together.


You will also see some fantastic images on my new site. The very talented Ashleigh Ferguson of Ashleigh Ferguson Photography ( took the pictures of my students and they are just fabulous. I had such a vision for my website and sometimes I can get so inside my head during the creative process, but she was fabulous and delivered exactly what I wanted. So if you are looking for a photographer for your next family photo session be sure to check her out!



The other new aspect of my website is the video that you see on the homepage. I wanted to visually share The Sprouts Story and what we’re all about. Importantly, it also features some of my wonderful students. A lot of them take my classes all the time and I have gotten to know them and their families well. I wanted you to see the kids in action as they cook, understand the process, and hear from me what Sprouts is truly about. I am so proud of these kids, and I could not be more pleased with the video. I was so fortunate to work with the talented crew at FME Studios ( and Ike with Ikeconic ( They are always amazing at making my vision come to life and I am just in love with The Sprouts Story!


Here are some behind the scenes shots from our shoot!


Making sure our knife grip is just right!


 Chatting away!


Their table might look nice and clean but check out that other one!  😂



Sprouts is really a compilation of everything I am passionate about and this website truly shows that. I absolutely love my job teaching cooking lessons to kids. It is incredibly rewarding and I know my students are having fun and I believe they really are coming away with valuable life experiences. I also love creating recipes and having a place to connect with others who are so passionate about their children and the food they are feeding them. I also love working behind the scenes and in front of the camera so the video side of Sprouts is such a fun and creative outlet for me.


Thank you as always for your loyal support of Spouts! I can’t wait for you to continue to grow with us!