About Us

Meet Sprouts Cooking School

At Sprouts Cooking School, we’re passionate about nurturing adventurous palates and building a strong foundation for a lifelong love of cooking, while empowering the next generation of foodies and encouraging all families to cook together.

Our near Indianapolis cooking schools with locations in Carmel and Zionsville, are host to single session weekend cooking classes, special family fun cooking classes, weeknight theme-based classes, and seasonal cooking camps and cooking themed birthday parties.

Our hands-on cooking classes for children provide guided instruction in a group setting, where kid chefs and bakers learn the fundamentals of cooking and grow their culinary skills.

Our engaging class themes ignite children’s imaginations and get them excited to explore new flavors and skills and expand their palates with delicious recipes developed in our Sprouts Kitchen. Your Sprouting Chef will be proud to show off their new culinary skills and recipes for the family at home!

Allergy & Inclusion Statement

Sprouts Cooking School understands that there are a growing number of food allergies in young children. We are and will remain a peanut and tree nut free cooking school. We will do our best to accommodate any other allergies if given advanced notice at the time of booking. If parents feel more comfortable, they are able to look at any labels ahead of time and discuss with the instructor. Food should be fun for everyone!

Sprouts Cooking School believes that every child belongs and is welcome in the kitchen. We will always do our very best to accommodate the needs of every child. Due to the many different needs of children, if your child should require special accommodations, we ask that you please call us prior to registering, so that we may discuss how we can best meet your child’s needs and what class would best suit your child. Sprouts reserves the right to make accommodations that are in the best interest and safety of all children within the facility. Please call 317-688-7499 for more information.

Meet Sprouts Cooking School’s Founder & Owner, Stephanie Drewry

A lifelong Hoosier, Stephanie Drewry, is proud to have Sprouts Cooking School flagship location nestled in the same Central Indiana area where she grew up.

Originally launched in Drewry’s home, Sprouts Cooking School grew by leaps and bounds during its initial years and moved to a Carmel, Indiana storefront location in summer of 2017 featuring a unique kid-sized kitchen design.

In 2019 an exclusive MemberChef® program was added to expand on skill progression and culinary creativity for children 6-13.

Drewry is passionate about bringing kids and families together in the kitchen. She loves teaching new takes on favorite recipes, introducing fresh herbs and expanding palates. She beams with pride when teachers have a breakthrough with picky eaters and recipes truly resonate with her Sprouting Chefs.

During her days off from the helm of Sprouts Cooking School, she enjoys watching her three children play travel soccer, exploring the Indy food scene, chatting with local chefs, entertaining family and friends, creating new recipes and watching the Food Network.

As Sprouts Cooking School continues to grow, her goal is for every child to build a foundation for a lifelong love of cooking, to inspire and empower this generation of foodies, and to encourage families to get into the kitchen and cook with their kids.


“Cooking is a life skill that everyone needs to know. No matter what your age is, everyone needs to nourish their bodies and feed themselves. I’m passionate about bringing kids and families together in the kitchen.”

– Stephanie Drewry