Sprouts Summer Camps | 5 Reasons Your Child Will Love It!

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September 10, 2019

While most people are busy with winter activities this time of year, at Sprouts, it is one of our busiest seasons because we are cooking up summer camp fun for your child!

Coming up with the variety of camp themes we offer is no easy task. This year we will offer 20 different camp themes over the 10 weeks of summer. We strive to offer something for every kid chef. From baking, to competition-style camps, to camps perfectly suited for our preschool kiddos … we aim to please!

We always love hearing from our customers and finding out what kinds of classes and camps your kids are interested in. In fact, my own three children have always played a huge role in the classes and camps that we offer. They know what is trending in the kid world and truly help with the brainstorming process. My favorite part of hitting that “publish” button on our camps is reading all the different menus to my children. I always know I am onto something good when my kids say, “That’s the camp I want to go to! Sign me up!” And it is an extra bonus when I get to hear that about more than one camp offering!

If you’re not sure if a Sprouts Summer Camp should be on your summer fun calendar, we’ve come up with 5 reasons why your kids are sure to love it!

  1. Sprouts Summer Camps will help to expand your child’s love of cooking. One of my favorite things about our summer camps is hearing feedback from parents about how their child continued making our recipes at home and that our summer camps have helped their child’s culinary passion grow.
  2. Your child will gain confidence in the kitchen. At Sprouts, we teach the fundamentals of cooking such as reading recipes, teaching proper knife skills, leveling, and how to safely utilize cooking tools and equipment. The confidence your child will gain in The Sprouts Kitchen is one that will continue in your home and at future Sprouts classes.
  3. Sprouting Chefs can learn new culinary techniques! Each of our summer camps features a variety of cooking skills and fun experiences. Never tried to make a cereal milk cake before? It’s on the menu in our Cake-a-Palooza camp.  Want to compete just like the contestants on The Great British Baking Show or Chopped? We have camps for that too!
  4. Kids will expand their palates! We beam with pride when we have a breakthrough moment with picky eaters. Parents constantly tell us that they love our camps because their child tried a food they previously refused to eat or tried a brand new food and loved it!
  5. They will foster new friendships along the way. We often see beautiful friendships forming even from the shortest of time together. And it’s so fun to see parents meeting other parents at our Family Dinners which happen on Thursdays, during the last hour of camps each week!

But most importantly Sprouts Summer Cooking Camps are F-U-N!  We love seeing so many returning customers and happy children each year.

Our camps are already filling up so be sure to Register now before the camp your child loves is full! Don’t forget to check our Sprouts Promotions page for savings on camp bundles, available through February 29th.